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The people at Benson & Morris understand how important it is to protect the most important things in your life; that's why we're here. Our agents are fully licensed in Property & Casualty Lines as well as Life and Commercial Insurance. So whether you're single and simply need to insure your automobile or you're an owner of a business with 500 employees and family of ten, "We Gotcha Covered!" We will take the time to understand your needs and make recommendations that best protect you and the people you love.

We represent many different companies and will impartially shop them to make sure you get the best rate and the best coverage. What we will not do is attempt to push policies on you that do not meet your needs in order to achieve a monthly sales quota. We don't work on quotas and we don't work for the insurance companies;  WE WORK FOR YOU!

Call us today at 256-712-5593 and see for yourself the Benson & Morris difference.